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As late as 1970, the W&W was still loading sand in boxcars and B&O
covered hoppers. Mostly covered hoppers by that late date. They had
no cars of their own until later.

In the early 1950's, photos show most of the sand moving in boxcars
with one or two B&O covered hoppers per day. The covered hoppers
assigned to Winchester for sand service were B&O Class N-25, N-25A
and N-25B covered hoppers which B&O convered from side dump open
hoppers. There is no commercial model which comes close. The
covered hoppers assigned to Winchester for sand service were used to
load silica sand from Gore on the W&W and calcium carbonate glass
sand from MJ Grove in Stephens City.

John King

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Our club needs some appropriate covered hoppers for handling fine
quality sand to a glass manufacturer. We're in VA. My first
thought was to acquire some Wilmington & Western cars. There are
many of them today. But when I look at my 1969 ORER I see the W&W
owning no cars, which means likely not an appropriate maek for 1955
operation. Tah leads to several questions.

Was that area at the north end of the Shenandoah Valley a major
origin point for glass sand in the 50's ?

Was it shipped in covered hoppers in nthe mid 50's ?

Did the W&W have cars at that time ? Maybe they were leased.

What is the appropriate cubic capacity for a 50 or 70 ton car
hauling sand.

I'm going to copy to the OPSIG list in case someone there who is
on STMFC has info. But if you're on both, please respond on the
STMFC list

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