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Tim O'Connor


yeah, but what has Ted done for us LATELY? :-)


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Charles Etheredge wrote:

Mark me down as another modeler who started taking RMC simply because
of Ted's articles. I consider myself a beginner as far as resin is
concerned, but the wealth of knowledge imparted makes me know that I
can build in this medium also......although maybe never on the level
of Ted.
Few can! I was browsing through some past RMC's a week or two ago and
came upon the first article in Ted's series. Can't remember the exact
number, but the projection was for only twenty or so total articles.
The most recent one is #40! When Ted started these he was "between
assignments", as we say, and had the time and motivation to put real
effort into them. Since then he has moved from CA to CT, started
Speedwitch Models, produced a whole bunch of patterns for resin
casting, found a willing and talented resin caster to produce his
models and brought them to market, published a couple of books and two
(so far) world class modeling periodicals, and travels annually to a
number of prototype modelers meets and shows where he both sells amd
presents clinics, all the while trying to maintain some semblance of
normal family life. As far as I'm concerned, the last dozen RMC
articles are pure bonus, and when the series ends I'll be grateful for
what Ted has given us and not grumble that there won't be more....

Tom Madden

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