Re: Ted's Essential Freight Cars

Schuyler Larrabee

I hope Bill Schaumburg realizes the treasure he has in Ted Culotta and
the Essential Freight Cars series. It was this series that made me a
subscriber to RMC. When that series ends I will certainly consider
dropping my subscription.
Jared Harper
Athens, GA
Yes, I read all the other follow-on posts in this thread, but I have to start here. I am quite
surprised to read that Jared would drop RMC because Ted's not there anymore (if that comes to pass).
Of the magazines, I'll probably let MR drop away before RMC; I've been "introduced" to model
railroading one too many times now. Make that about five too many times . . .

I'll newsstand cherry-pick, for the articles that look like something I can learn something from. I
find RMC has one or two articles I can learn from every month.

Like Clark Propst' M&StL article this last month. Nice work, both the car and the article.


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