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Schuyler Larrabee

Lindsay, that doesn't look "unpainted" so much as having a clear finish. Shellac?


I don't know if the reefers are typical. See
for the interior of a citrus load.
As I recall most cars I worked in had unpainted wood liners up to 5'
high like they are in this car.
Lindsay Smith

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I have a pair of Sunshine cars to build, one with 46'1" bulkheads,
and the
other with 48'6" bulkheads. I am trying to figure out how to
finish the
inside facing boards on the bulkheads. Are they painted freight
car color,
or should they be finished as one would finish a flat car deck? In
Sunshine prototype data sheet, car 92065 (w/48'6" bulkheads) is
shown and
the boards on the bulkheads seem to match the deck more than the
car body
color. Also, it doesn't appear to me to have any lettering on the
boards. However, car 92069 (also with 48'6" bulkheads) is shown
with the
"Return to..." lettering on the bulkheads. I would expect
lettering on
painted boards, but not on unpainted treated lumber. Would white
be applied to an unpainted deck? Can anyone enlighten me as to how
bulkhead boards appeared?

I plan to finish my cars as they appeared in Sep/Oct 1953, if that


Andy Cich

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