Re: Ted's Essential Freight Cars

Richard Brennan <brennan8@...>

At 12:18 1/22/2008, Charles Etheredge wrote:
Mark me down as another modeler who started taking RMC simply because
of Ted's articles. I consider myself a beginner as far as resin is
concerned, but the wealth of knowledge imparted makes me know that I
can build in this medium also......although maybe never on the level of Ted.
Let me describe it another way:
I walk into Hobbies Unlimited in San Leandro...
Look at the new mags out on the counter:
- the first one I pick up is RMC...
- look in the index for Essential Ted's Freight Cars <sic>
- Yes / No = Buy / Don't Buy's that simple.
other mags I only look for if I've heard they have something useful.
I just wish RP Cyc had a subscription plan...

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

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