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Mike Fortney

Ted retains all rights to the Essential FC articles. He told me if his
"Things-to-do" pile ever dwindles, he will probably publish a compilation.

Mike Fortney

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I presume that the rights to Ted's articles belong to Carstens. If
Hal thinks he can make some money publishing a compilation he will.
As I recall when he published the RMC track plan book which had a
number of my plans, all I got was a copy of the book. - Al Westerfield
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Given the most positive response to Clark's article and model,
Ted's past
articles and models, and Ted's future constraints, were any of you
on picking up part of that ball and running with it in RE to Bill S's

I am missing the numerous wonderful prototype articles by many
authors, and the also wonderful articles on modeling freight cars,
that used
to more often grace the printed mags. Who is stepping up that
plate? I know
you guys are hiding all sorts of great models out there; I see
them sometimes
in the RPM photo shoots....

What most of us really, really appreciate is a background, prototype
history/timeline/painting and lettering history, how to model,
paint, letter,
and weather appropriately....

Elden Gatwood


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At 12:18 1/22/2008, Charles Etheredge wrote:
>Mark me down as another modeler who started taking RMC simply because
>of Ted's articles. I consider myself a beginner as far as resin is
>concerned, but the wealth of knowledge imparted makes me know that I
>can build in this medium also......although maybe never on the level
>of Ted.

Let me describe it another way:
I walk into Hobbies Unlimited in San Leandro...
Look at the new mags out on the counter:
- the first one I pick up is RMC...
- look in the index for Essential Ted's Freight Cars <sic>
- Yes / No = Buy / Don't Buy's that simple.
other mags I only look for if I've heard they have something useful.
I just wish RP Cyc had a subscription plan...

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

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