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Thank you VERY much for that information. I greatly appreciate your time and

I hope I can answer a question for you sometime!

Elden Gatwood


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B-50-12A -- to 110256-110927 from 26360-27359 (1956)

( Renumbering was not immediate, of course. )

B-50-28 --

SP series 102100-103599 blt 1950-1951 PS
SP series 104100-105099 blt 1950-1951 PS
SP series 105100-105599 blt 1950-1951 PS
TNO series 59750- 60249 blt 1950-1951 PS
TNO series 60250- 61249 blt 1950-1951 PS
SP series 129920-131364 rnb 1962 (ex-TNO cars)
*TNO series 62250- 64249 rnb 1950's-1960's

* These were renumbered SP cars, transferred to
T&NO, and then returned to their original #'s
in the early 1960's

Repainted cars after 1956 always received the large
Gothic lettering. Only photos can say which cars got
Gothic letters + 'Sunset' heralds (if any), as the
herald was dropped in the late 1950's from freight

At 1/24/2008 07:57 AM Thursday, you wrote:

I would like to number these cars correctly for the post-mid-50's
renumbering. Does anyone know what number series these cars were renumbered
into? Were both or either series painted in the later "over and under"
spelled-out Southern Pacific lettering, or did they remain in their earlier
lettering into retirement?

Many thanks!

Elden Gatwood

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