Further Correction

Justin Kahn

I believe he started as a telegrapher for the Frisco in north Texas. I always admired him for volunteering for the Air Corps in WWII at the height of his fame and flying real missions over the Hump in the CBI theatre.Jace Kahn, General ManagerCeres and Canisteo RR Co.>> Gene was noted for owning several steam locomotives, a 2-6-2 that was > stored on the ST&E in Stockton, California, and an ex-D&RGW K-27 which > lived on his ranch until returning to Colorado. He also owned two > miniature SP 4-6-2s, one the former Oakland Acorn Daylight, a marvelous > little engine in SP colors I had the pleasure of riding behind. Gene was > a lifelong railfan, and indeed worked for a railroad (Santa Fe I think) > before becoming an entertainer.> > No freight car content, just a correction. > Garth G. Groff> > > >> Ah...another Gene Autry fan! I watch Gene just about every day while> >> building freight car models*. Of course, the best episodes are > >> those with> >> the SP narrow gauge* featured...>> >>> >Where could I find an index of the Essential Freight Cars articles?>

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