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Hi all (especially BAR experts),

I am getting ready to decal some F&C BAR 1927 (and later) built SS
boxcars. I model mid 1950. Would it be appropriate to have a car
the BAR shield? If I could put a shield on a car which would be more
appropriate the black or "clear" background? I also notice on the
provided that some cars have "Bangor and Aroostook" vs. "Bangor &
Aroostook". When was this changed ("&" appears to be earlier)?

TIA for any help,

I have photos of two of these cars, #1379 with a reweigh date of 3-50,
and 1507 with a 11-49 reweigh date. Both cars appear to have the
shield stencilled right on the car color and have the reporting mark
and number to the left of the door. Neither car has the road name
spelled out on the car. This is the way I will decal my F&C model for
a 1951 era railroad. The photos were from Bob's Photo.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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