Re: M&STL 50' plug door.

Gene Green <bierglaeser@...>

As someone has already posted, the M&StL ordered 30 insulated,
compartmentized (is that really a word?) box cars from PC&F. This
was an add-on to a WFEX order. The KO&G also got 5 cars at the same
time, same order.

Compartmentizers were manufactured by Pullman-Standard. Trucks
were70-ton type A-3 Ride Control. Hand brake was Universal but I
don't know which model. Universal hand brakes all looked pretty much
alike in those years anyway.

Diagonal panel, riveted roofs were painted aluminum.

Grab irons on left end of each side of Branchline car are wrong.
Branchline has them on brackets. The M&StL cars had drop grabs
riveted directly to car side with no bracket.

These RBL's were bought to haul canned goods.

These were the first 50 foot box cars on the M&StL ever. The Iowa
Central came close with 75 furniture cars built in 1898 which had an
inside length of 49'-10".

Gene Green

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