Essential Freight Car index (was Wabash boxcar)

Robert <riverob@...>


The Wabash car article is not in the uploaded index, nor is it in the
magazine index you referd me to in a previous

The last of Ted Culotta's "Essential Freight Car" articles listed in
both is #32, July 2006.

Here's issues #33-37. Sorry, I forgot who kindly provided this info
or I would credit them:
#33 Aug. 2006 Santa Fe's rebuilt USRA reefers
#34 Oct. 2006 NYC USRA-design boxcars
#35 Jan. 2007 The X29 boxcar: Pt. I
#36 Feb. 2007 The X29 boxcar: Pt. II
#37 Apr. 2007 B&O's M-26 Series boxcars

Can someone please provide #38 to current? Then Allen could add them
to his list and all would be well in the land.

Rob Simpson

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Bill Davis asked:
"Recently there was an article in the "Essential Freight Car"
series on Wabash 1 1/2 boxcars. I have been ask to detail an O scale
car for a friend. Does anyone out know what issue or could someone
possible scan me a copy of the article."

September 2007, which you could have looked up in Allen Rueter's
index uploaded to the files section.

Ben Hom

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