Re: Safety Appliance question

Richard Hendrickson

Tom Gloger asked:

At what time did the roofwalk extensions (the ones on the
right as you approach the end of the car) become mandatory?
The Cyc at home (1923, I think) shows them on box cars but
not on stock cars. Maybe my MDC 36' cars aren't authentic,
but I'd at least like them legal for 1938.
Tom, those were called lateral running boards (to distinguish them from the
longitudinal running boards, commonly though incorrectly called "roof
walks" by many modelers). And they were never required on cars with
outside wood roofs, as was the case with most stock cars, but only on cars
with metal-sheathed or steel roofs, where the roof surface was slippery
when wet.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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