Re: Multiple Essential Freight Car indexes in Files

Robert <riverob@...>

Thanks, Tom, for pointing that out.

Allen's index is indeed the most complete, Here's a link to it
It would be nice to be able to sort Yahoo's file name list by date to
make searching easier.

That looks like a good index.

Rob Simpson

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Robert wrote:


The Wabash car article is not in the uploaded index, nor is it in
the magazine index you referd me to in a
previous post.
There are two indexes in the Files section, which is both confusing
and unnecessary. The most complete is Allen Reuter's individual File
titled "Essential Freight Cars", posted January 23. But you have to
go past all the Folders to get to it. Among those folders is one
titled "Essential Freight Car Index", posted January 24 by
milepost131. The listing contained in that folder is incomplete.

Tom Madden, Head
Department of Redundancy Department

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