Re: B&O Modeler Articles

Tony Higgins

Thank you, Bruce,
I have a question: It goes without saying that B&O went in for Duryea
underframes in a big way. Were these generally the same in execution
from, say, one boxcar class to another? To be more specific, I just
finished building two F&C M53 wagontops. Despite the sparse, nearly
useless instructions, the underframes turned out very nicely
(assuming they're accurate, and I haven't heard otherwise). I am
planning to kitbash a M55 in timesaver scheme from a decorated
Intermountain kit which does not include the Duryea UF. Since I know
of no DUF kits (perhaps someone can enlighten me here), would I be in
the ballpark of accuracy if I just copied the F&C M53 DUF in styrene?

Tony Higgins
Pittsford, NY

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Group Members,

While one would think this was implied, it turns out that it is
important to offer assistance (in writing) to modelers pursuing B&O
prototypes. That said I would like to offer assistance to the
of this group who are modeling B&O RR prototypes. If anyone would
information through the Society's Archives I am willing to serve as
conduit. My hope is that an article for one of the B&ORRHS
publications results, but that is not required.

Bruce D. Griffin
Summerfield, NC

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