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Brian Paul Ehni <behni@...>

As a Mac user, I have to agree. If it were "standard" HTML, ANY browser
would work fine. Safari and Firefox do not work at all. Apparently,
Microsoft has decided to drop out of the Mac browser field. Something about
not being able to compete with a bundled browser, I guess.

Brian Ehni

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I'm a regular Mozilla user but I've resigned myself to using IE to see all
of F&C's website. Parts of it just don't work for me with Mozilla.
Especially the freight car area.
Call, write, or email them and ask for their latest list. It's not a
complete list of all kits but it includes the newest ones and some deals on
older ones.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon


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The F&C web site works only in Internet Explorer.
This isn't accurate. Mozzila, AOL, Comcast and Verizon proprietary browsers
all work. Using IE and looking at the source code, the site is in standard
Rich Orr

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