Models for Sale



I've over-bought again. I need to thin out a few HO
scale models--I just don't have time to build
everything. As always I'll accept the first reasonable
offer if you're interested in anything. Please reply
off-line at Golden1014@.... Thanks!

1 - Speedwitch CB&Q XM-25/26 SS Box Car, kit #106.1.
This is a one-piece casting. Nice model. I have two
and can let one go.

2. Sunshine IC two-bay "chisel-side" offset-side
hopper, kit #75.1. Beautiful kit, but I just don't
have the time to build it with all the other projects
I've got.

3. Bowser ACF covered hopper, factory-painted NKP
black. There's nothing fancy about this kit, except
that it includes a set of Detail Associates #6212
square hopper hatches and a full set of Kato top-hatch
rigging (I can't figure out the words to describe
these parts, but you can see what they are at
--they're the parts on the top of the car--much
improved over the cast-on detail with the car kit).

4. I have a box of trucks and metal (and a few
plastic) wheelsets left over from various projects
over the years. I don't want any money or trade for
this. It's mostly P2K wheelsets and Bowser and various
other truck sideframes. If you want the box, let me
know. Just help me with a few bucks for mailing them.
I'd prefer this box goes to a club or a young person
who wants to upgrade to metal wheelsets, and maybe
play with some other parts.



John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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