Skeleton Log spines L-40 series Southern Pacific


Please forgive the cross posting.

The L-40 log cars were SP 42' skeleton logging cars built in the
1930's and in service until the late 60's. I am aware of the great
pictures of these cars in Tony Thompson's SP Freight Cars Vol 3. I
also have three pictures of the L-40-2 cars in service in the late 1960s.

Are there other pictures around? I am particularly interested in
drawings and measurements of the L-40 cars in the 1-5 series. Any help
in this research would be of real value, and much appreciated.

Has anyone explored the Stanford University Special Collections Box on
these cars [M1010 RG3 Box 15] before I spend time and effort [from the
UK] trying to investigate this material?

As always, your help is appreciated.


Peter Harris
N Scale Kits
peter at

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