Re: Accurail SS boxcars with fishbelly frame

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The 8 panel, steel end CNW car should have a straight sill, as it's a USRA SS stand-in.


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If you've got a list of road names that you're doing, we could help
out with the type of underframes.
Thanks for the offer, Ben.

I dug out all my Accurail SS boxcars this evening, a paultry 9 of
them (I'm sure there are some hidden away in another box)they are as
follows - all but the undec have fishbellies.

8-panel steel ends........ .
Georgia RR
Chicago and North Western
2 x Wabash

8-panel wood ends........ ...
Undec (was a yellow post-war MKT)

6-panel steel ends........ .#

6-panel wood ends
CP (Dalman trucks)
Omaha Rd

I also knocked together some video of the above freight cars, so you
can get an idea of what I'm trying to work towards with the 1930s
theme (ignore the 1950 Bewick - D'oh) com/watch? v=F-BmCAl5vp0


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