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Monk Alan <Alan.Monk@...>

I know the lower pair, CNJ (plot #2316) and Harlem Terminal (plot #2319)
and both well documented on and off-line... BUT! What's the one slightly
further up the Harlem River, by the 149th St bridge (plot #2349)??

I have plans (one day...) to build either the CNJ or HT yards, their
operations fascinate me, stocked and destocked using carfloats (portable
staging!) and just endless switching ^_^

London, UK

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From: Westerfield
Sent: 29 January 2008 02:49

Some time ago someone posted a photo of a circular freight
house. A member of the NYC_transit_modelers_group posted this map of the
Bronx in 1942 which shows quite a number of pocket yards, 3 of which
appear to have circular freight houses:

- Al Westerfield



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