GN plywood side box cars (was GN 2500 aluminum box)

Gene Green <bierglaeser@...>

RE: Intermountain
# 46051 6 Plywood Panel Boxcar Great Northern - Original
# 46052 6 Plywood Panel Boxcar Great Northern - Mineral Red

It was my understanding that the GN plywood side box cars were in the
10500-10899 series. Intermountain's kit (or is it RTR) #46051 is
numbered GN 10009 while #46052 is GN 10093.

Are those Intermountain numbers correct? Is my first sentence in

In Message #69468 Frank Valoczy said, "I'd also be curious to know
how one might model one of the plywood-sided cars like #44502."

Is there still another number series for GN plywood side box cars?

Intermountain shows two different paint schemes. Original means that
the orange sides were applied when the car was built, right? When
was the Mineral Red first applied?

Is the door shown in the drawings correct? Can we expect the car to
come with the doors in the drawing?

Thanks in advnce for any answers.
Gene Green

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