Re: STMFC RP-25 award to Roger Miener

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On Apr 1, 2:30pm, Jack Wyatt wrote:
Subject: Re: [STMFC] STMFC RP-25 award to Roger Miener
But with standard
NMRA trackwork, the 0.110 wheels drop, too. The 0.088 wheels just drop
slightly further and a little bit longer.
Exactly. Mike was concerned with wheels "dropping" into the gap. Fact
is, any wheel has to drop when there's a gap. The real question is "how
far does it drop" versus "how much drop is acceptable?"

As it turns out, these questions are moot (from Mike's perspective), as I
just phoned him and he has "seen the Light" and is feverishly converting
all of his brass steamers to Proto:87. I understand he already has 5
axles of his 4-12-2 completed.



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