Re: Bob's Photos has Email

Schuyler Larrabee

Talking with Bob Liljestrand at his tables this weekend at the Amherst
Railway Soc. Big Railroad Hobby show he handed me his new business card. Lo
and behold he has this EMAIL address on it. bobsphoto.train@...
<> I
have not checked this address out yet. His mailing and phone number is the
same: P.O. Box 209, Farmers, KY, 40319. Tel. (606) 780-9905

Roger Robar
Well, yeah, Roger, that's true. However, his SO is the one who does the email, and Bob tells me
that when he's had enough email to deal with for a while, he just shuts it off. Not that you
shouldn't use it, but just know that it may, or may not, be useful.

Mostly I think what he is interested in is knowing what photos you plan to buy from him at the next
show at which you expect to see him.


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