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Short answer, "no".

I have a large number of boxcars all sitting on a shelf next to me and not one is that darkly weathered. Some are not too far from the Erie car, but not that dark. I guess I could do one or two to that extent (I model 1946). But much as photos like this one are worthy of note, there are so many other Delano photos from about the same era where multiple cars are shown and the weathering is somewhat lighter that I think a cross section where these are at the extreme end is probably appropriate.

More challenging to me however is the faded paint beneath that weathering. The colours that come from the bottle (or mixed) are not nearly this washed out. I keep making the mistake of applying those sorts of mixes, decaling and clear coating, and then trying to weather. I think I've go the order wrong in the case of very weathered cars. I should try the fist paint coat, perhaps lightened or otherwise pushed toward a more faded colour, and then another coat to increase the sunburned washed out paint colour. Only then should the clear coat and decals be applied and then the grime. I think.... Will have to try it.

Rob Kirkham

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Does anyone weather their models that heavily?
Gene Green

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