Re: Jack Delano color photos

Tim O'Connor

If you model the steam era, esp pre 1950, carbon soot could
accumulate on a parked rail car quite rapidly. Add a little rain
and sunshine, and you can get a really filthy car quite rapidly.
I've seen steam era color photos of cars just 2 or 3 years old
that were incredibly filthy. I think the percentage of truly filthy
cars declined somewhat in the 1950's as large numbers of
new cars were added, old junkers were scrapped, many older
cars got new paint jobs, and the amount of air pollution
declined ever so slightly (especially around rail yards). By the
late 1950's railroads cut back on repainting so weathering took
on more of a faded and/or rusty nature, rather than sooty.

Even more rarely modeled than filthy cars, are brand new
SHINY cars! Most model railroads could use some examples
of both.

Tim O'Connor

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Does anyone weather their models that heavily?<
Richard Hendrickson

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