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At what time did the roofwalk extensions (the ones on the
right as you approach the end of the car) become mandatory?
The Cyc at home (1923, I think) shows them on box cars but
not on stock cars. Maybe my MDC 36' cars aren't authentic,
but I'd at least like them legal for 1938.

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I hope you mean "on the right" taken from being on the car roof, instead
of approaching the car from on the ground. In any case, the requirement
went into effect in 1911 as part of the first "Safety appliance
Standards." But they didn't require a lateral roofwalk as much as
requiring a non-slip surface between the car side ladders and the
roofwalk. Chances are the entire roof on that stock car you're looking
at is wood and therefore just as non-slip as a separate wood lateral
would be.

The separate roofwalk was required to give the players a level playing
surface. It was raised up from the roof surface not as a requirement,
but to prevent water in the crevices from rotting it out.

That's also the reason why some reefers have platforms around the hatches
and some don't. The don'ts have wood surface or otherwise non-slip
roofs, the haves have metal surface roofs. Before you ask why do some
reefers with metal roofs, mostly PFE, not have platforms, the answer is
they added sand to the roofing paint to make an acceptable non-slip

I know that these answers are more than you asked for. Just consider it
an added service at no extra charge.

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