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On Mar 29, 11:43am, Richard Hendrickson wrote:
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Convincing Model Freight Train Length
Ian Clasper asks:

All this discussion about freight car population brings up another
to me. How many cars make up a convincing model freight train length ?
IMO, twenty cars behind a main line steam loco won't cut it but forty or
may give the impression of a suitably long consist. Of course, YMMV.
The key answer here is Richard's "YMMV". Anything less than prototypical
length is a compromise. Each person has to rationalize his or her own
compromises and decide what is "acceptable".

The same concept applies to minimum radius -- at what point to 50' box
cars look "ridiculous"? Some would say at 24"; others say nothing less
than 48" will do.

The best you can do is ask for a vote. My vote is for about 12 - 15 feet
of length for a mainline freight (in HO scale).

Don't forget that people in different scales will likely have different



P.S. What's the best railroad to model?
P.P.S. Don't answer that!

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