Re: GATX Lettering

Richard Hendrickson

...since I don't have any photos yet (just started THAT aspect of this
hobby...) could you steer me in the right direction for which number
series/built dates/capacities are correct for the RC GATC tank cars?
The GATC roster was such a rat's nest of renumberings and re-renumberings
that it's impossible to cite number series or groups, and you have to work
from photos. Some valid numbers for Type 30 8K gal. ICC-103s:

60379 Built 3-30
22438 Built 8-30 (in the mid-'50s this car was stenciled for Consolidated
Rendering Co.)

I also have photos of several GATX 8K ICC-203s assigned to corn syrup
service and stenciled for Clinton or Penick & Ford. I'm going to try to
pursuade Allen to do a decal set for these as well.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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