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The Champ decals are the wrong font, slightly oversize and, perhaps
most noticeable non B&O folks, the 13 Great States medallian is
incorrect. The shape of the Capitol Dome on the Champ set reminds me
more of the beehive on Utah state highway signs.

John King

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What's wrong with the Champ B&O BRH (or SHS?) decals? Inquiring
minds would like to know.

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I have looked into doing an N-41 from the Kadee car, also. I
also came to
the conclusion that the lack of decals is a BIG problem. I agree
that the
Champ, or other options, will not really work well enough to use.

Jim and John;

The photos Ed referred to are very good in determining what the
end detail
differences are.


Thanks for the resource ID.


In looking at the Kadee car, and the photos of the N-41 (and the
P&LE cars),
you could shave off the end supports, and graft on new end
supports made from
1x3's mated into an angle. You would need to add the thin flange
on the end
sheet, probably from .005" sheet cut into a strip, with rivets
embossed or grafted on. Since this variation looks like it
created support
from its attachment to the end sheet, rather than simply
supporting from
underneath, you could then graft the angle onto the flange, and
then create
its attachment point to the end sill. There are additional
structural shapes that would need to be added, and of course, the
brake wheel
housing and eqpt need to be removed before the surgery, and then

After figuring out that the lack of decals would stymie me, I did
not look
further into dimensional differences, but to my eye, the Kadee
car appears
close enough that if you did the ends, you would be close
enough. I could be
very, VERY wrong, but it wouldn't be the first time.

Elden Gatwood

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