Re: 1937 box cars questions


Sorry you mis read my post. If I remember the way they assembled was a
round rod on the back od the side frame snapped in to the bolster like
the Intermountain trucks. I said nothing about spring plank but was
referring to the assembly
Thank you
Larry Jackman

Jeff English wrote:

ljack70117@... wrote:

The trucks on the S Scale America Tank car are the same design.
Thank you
Larry Jackman
I own a genuine SSA tank car, and the trucks that came with it
sure as hell don't have anything remotely resembling spring planks.
Likewise, after Des Plaines Hobbies bought the tooling for this
tank car, and I own one of these as well, it appears that some
revision was done on the trucks but still no spring planks.

Jeff English Troy, New York
Proto:64 Classic Era Railroad Modeling

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