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And to further complicate the story, NONE of the manufactured X2f couplers
adhered closely to the proposed design. The approximate shape was there, but
numerous subtle features were ignored, do the detriment of any possible
operational consistency.

CJ Riley

--- Anthony Thompson <thompson@...> wrote:

Tom Madden wrote (in concluding):
Maybe it's past time, at least for us prototype modelers, to just let
that history go. Let the X2f sit on the same shelf with 6 volt power
supplies, selenium rectifiers, paper sides and Bakelite wheels. Their
exisistence shows how far we've come, and we don't need to abuse them
to make that point.
Very well said, Tom. I'm afraid I react strongly when the name
X2f has "NMRA" attached to it, particularly if an NMRA Standard or RP
is implied.

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