Re: STMFC RP-25 award to Roger Miener

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Jack Wyatt says:

This is where I'm not following you. I don't think wing rails support
anything. Their function is to guide the wheel to the correct side of the
point of the frog.
They actually have at least two functions. Even the prototype. To quote from
the Track and Structure Cyc of 1955: "The wing rails, in common with the
point, serve to carry the wheel treads through a distance back of the point
of frog and also act as guards for the flanges". In this case, "back" refers
to the distance between frog point and the moving points. If you look at a
drawing of an actual frog, you'll see that the larger the frog number, the
more use a wheel will make of the wing rail for support.

Mike Brock>

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