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Not that it would be visible in HO, but (how) should the inside of
stock cars be painted/weathered?

Lou Whiteley
Lawrenceville, NJ
Lou, I asked this some years ago on another list with regard to NP's
wooden-side stock cars, and Matt Herson sent a couple of scans of rare
interior photos that I believe Rufus Cone had collected (NP 82741 when
new in 1936). The interiors of the side slats floors, doors and roof
panels of these cars were unpainted, or possibly finished with an
unpigmented oil. Only the structural members running the length of
the tops of the carsides behind the fascia appear to have been
painted, and the roof trusses. An interior car number was stenciled in
white over one door opening. The photos are black and white, so the
color of the painted members is uncertain, but it looks like it could
be fresh oxide red (but can't rule out black).

Of course, other roads may have done things differently...

Given the use and cleaning regime I imagine the interior weathered to
silver gray, with the floor of course going darker and browner from
ground-in waste, grime,and straw dust. One can speculate the lower
slats might show some heavier bleaching and scale deposits on their
interior faces from lime treatment, plus the effects of kicking and
rubbing by the guests they confined. I can echo Richard's observation
that photos show that NP stock cars, when in consistent use for stock
shipping, appeared quite clean. They actually got dirtier when
relegated to hay shipping or MofW service.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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