Re: Sending money to Canada


When I was a teenager it was one L = $5.00
Not so bad to day
Thank you
Larry Jackman

"Beckert, Shawn" wrote:

Ted Culotta wrote:

I'll probably sound like your typical American
on vacation in Paris with a comment like this
and no offense to our foreign members is intended,
but the dollar is the standard currency in capital
markets so there is a lot more incentive for
foreign financial institutions to honor it than
vice versa.
I've been buying books about, and photographs of merchant
ships (my *other* hobby) from outfits in the U.K. and
Australia for several years now. None of them will take
American checks, but all of them accept credit cards. A
very interesting experience to work out the conversion of
currencies. It's terribly off-topic, but I wish someone
would educate me as to why the exchange rate between the
U.S. and Britain is so awful. Last I checked, one pound
Sterling was worth $1.42. Ouch!

Shawn Beckert

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