Building frt cars for Emma

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Bill Welch writes:

I will do masters of one HO house car (36, 40 or 50 foot) for two "Divison
Point" Louisville & Nashville Berkshires, one of each from Lima and Baldwin.

Bill, thus, ensures that he will never have to do masters for others. Not
one Big Emma, but two...and one from each builder on top of that? There is a
greater possibility of me winning the Masters golf tournament coming up or
me piloting a Fokker D-7 to the moon tomorrow. How many did they Even locating two Big Emmas deserves an immediate mid level
mgt position in the CIA or NSA [ high level mgrs probably have less chance
than me of locating one]. I would think there's a much greater possibility
of P2K doing one than finding two in brass...if they exist at all.

Given all that...I wouldn't mind having one either. Right handsome engine at

Mike Brock

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