Re: Wheels/gaps/turnouts

C J Wyatt

<<.... However, the code 110 wheel actually doesn't drop at
all. The reason is that the turnout frog/flange gap dimensions for track
standard S-3 matches the code 110 wheel. As I think I may have said, code 88
wheels made with the proper flange size won't drop either...if the track
frog/flange gap is built for it. But then, we have that screeching sound
from the code 110 wheels trying to get through.

Mike Brock>>

Thanks Mike,

I'm beginning to see the theory. However I've been playing around with code
110 wheels and turnouts. I'm not sure why, but they do drop. I haven't
figured out why - maybe it is the taper on the tread. I can't wait to get my
hands on some code 88 wheels and see what happens. I'm thinking in the model
world, the important factor is the depth of the flangeway. I don't think the
0.002" difference between the code 88 and code 110 wheels will make that
much of a difference. I should have my code 88 wheelsets in a few days, so
my current opinions are subject to change based on empirical results.

Jack Wyatt

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