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Good question. I have no answer but offer the following until the
real experts check in.

Last summer I created a number of paint chips using mixtures of
Floquil colors and took them to Strasburg, PA to see how close they
were to the car on display there. Based on that: CN 12 with about
15 drops of Oxide Red in the bottle comes pretty close to the color
of 57708 at the Railroad Museum of PA UNDER THE LIGHTING CONDITIONS
THERE. A different color may be better under different light. The
IM car is just a little bit lighter than that chip under my
fluorescent lighting, so the IM color is OK with me. HOWEVER, the
colors do not match very well under incandescent lighting. I guess
the real test would be to take an IM car to Strasburg to see how they
match up together. I am ASSUMING that the car at Strasburg is
painted the correct color, of course.

John King

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My apologies for the re-attack on this issue but I've searched the
archives for information and did not find a clear answer.

How close is the yellow on the new Intermountain "FGE" reefer to
prototype color? In the past I've just used Scalecoat Reefer yellow-
which I think is quite close to what Bill Welch uses--but the IM
color is way off. The IM color is much softer. Can anyone offer any


John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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