Re: FGE Yellow Color

Tom Madden <tgmadden@...>

Bruce Smith:

Let me add a complication to the FGE color question. Where the
other members of "our companies" cars (BRE, WFE) painted in the
same shade of yellow?
The instructions for Sunshine's FGEX/WFEX/NX wood reefer kits (34
series) says: "The yellow of these cars was reefer yellow when new, but
quickly acquired an off-yellow appearance, which is something akin to a
goldenrod. ATSF War Bonnet Yellow is an approximation, but a more
accurate mix is 10 parts reefer yellow, 1 part reefer orange. A later
coat of thin black wash will take this to the proper tone." Rudy
Stadtmiller, FGEX Historian, is cited as a source of prototype info for
the kits.

The additional instruction sheet included in Sunshine's BREX 78200
Truss Rod Reefer kit (#34.14) says: "The car sides were painted yellow.
Floquil Reefer Yellow with 5-10% Reefer Orange added will give the
proper shade of yellow". Al Hoffman and Hol Wagner are cited for
providing historical info and photos.

The PDS for the FGEX/WFEX/NX cars is copyright 1997. The BREX variation
came out in 2004. Take yer choice, but the color sounds like the same
to me.

Tom Madden

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