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Interested? You bet! Please do!

-- Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

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Years ago Richard Hendrickson used this car as a basis for several
classes of ATSF flat cars. If you are interested I'll dig out the
dates and publications foe you.
Rick Dietrichson
Wilmington, NC

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From the top of my memory, MILW and MP had similar flats. The MILW
flats could be shortened from the Athearn flat and have the correct #
of stake pockets. The MP flat was a few feet shorter, but has the
same number of stake pockets as the Athearn car. I think a kitbash of
the MILW cars has already been published, and I recall pics of both
the MILW and MP flats (albeit after the '30s) being included in the
Classic Freight Cars book (Volume 7, IIRC), now out of print.

My understanding is that Athearn was trying to squeeze as much as
possible out of existing molds when these cars were done to re-use
existing parts from other cars, e.g. 50' gondola and 50' box, and
there really is no exact match to the Athearn 50' flat.

Hope this helps you make some good use out of these cars!


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I have a couple of these fishbelly flat cars and was wondering if
was anything prototypically similar that I could kitbash them into,
that perhaps ran in the 1930s



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