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Also there was a company called Blackhawk (I think) that painted
Athearn cars, and supplied them with a set of Herald King deacals
and Kadee couplers. You applied the decals and assembled the kit.
I did a number of them before I got my own airbrush. I remember the
Kadee couplers came in a Kadee envelope, but there was only one pair

Steve Kay

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You guys are forgetting about Kar-Line, who happily supplied built-
up Athearn (and MDC) box cars RTR with Kadee #5s
painted and decaled for roadnames and paint schemes not available
from Athearn or MDC (who took about 40 years to catch on to
the idea that people didn't want to buy duplicates of the same
paint schemes and road numbers!!!).
Charlie Vlk

Jim Betz wrote:
"We didn't really see Kadees start to be supplied on cars until
competitors were on the market."

...except in the case of cars manufactured by Kadee, they're NOT
couplers, but Kadee compatible couplers such as Bachmann or
and it wasn't so much competition driving this as patent

Ben Hom


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