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Larry Jackman wrote:
You missed what I said. No mater what the blueprints called for
then you can not match it today. Even the 2nd batch back then did
match the first batch. No mater what the light is.
Quite true, Larry, but we actually are not insisting on
paint matches. We do want to be in the right ballpark, and often
prototype paint chip does give a starting point. As we have
repeatedly on this list, this is less helpful for the darker
but one can get into the right kind of range for color hue and tone
with the help of prototype info.
Many SP freight car purchase specifications include a list
particular paint vendors, and specific color names from those
which were considered "acceptable" matches to the SP standard color
drift panel (from Bowles). But of course, as Larry points out, even
successive batches of paint in the same factory were not IDENTICAL,
in any case the railroad was obviously willing to accept a certain
range of "correct" colors.
But let's not go from "impossible to match EXACTLY" to the
belief that "prototype color has no bearing on model colors." Just
tain't so, as far as I'm concerned.

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We should also point out that successive batches of "model" paint
are not always identical and therefore, using the same formula for a
specific color may not produce the same results. Mark

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