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Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

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From: Anthony Thompson

But let's not go from "impossible to match EXACTLY" to the
belief that "prototype color has no bearing on model colors." Just
tain't so, as far as I'm concerned.

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One thing we can agree on Tony, and with a parallel in military modeling. One camp tries to determine what was specified and what was used with the idea that real life variations would be in a predictible/limited band around the "official" color and that the "official" color is the best starting point for modeling weathering and other effects. Another camp has little tolerance for all that book learnin' and throws out the "when I was in the Army we used paint thinned with motor oil/housepaint/dog poop and cat pee to paint our tanks so you are foolish and wrong to even try to be right" line, along with grumbled "damn nit-pickers" comments.

The modelers of the second camp also tend to get upset when, *in a model contest*, they lose points for painting a Sherman tank some shade of chartreuse. . .


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