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John King wrote:
About 30 years ago, the late Leonard Rice allowed me to borrow and copy many of his color slides. The dates on these ranged from 1939 to the 1950's. As expected, the Ecktachromes were extremely faded and of little value. Some of the Kodachrome slides looked like they had been taken the day before, but many from the 1940's had a very pronounced magenta cast. All were processed by Kodak.
John, it's well known by archivists that Ektachrome and Kodachrome survive equivalently IF and ONLY IF they have equivalent storage, meaning a cool, dark place. Ektachrome does fade more with light exposure. The magenta cast is unequal fading of the dyes, unusual in Kodachrome, but readily fixed in Photoshop, though the corrected image will show some fading. The ones you can't save are the ones which have become brownish. That means nearly ALL the color dyes have left the building. They can sometimes be usable as B&W images, though even there, contrast sometimes looks odd.

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