Re: Jack Delano color photos

Schuyler Larrabee

About 30 years ago, the late Leonard Rice allowed me to borrow and
copy many of his color slides. The dates on these ranged from 1939
to the 1950's. As expected, the Ecktachromes were extremely faded
and of little value. Some of the Kodachrome slides looked like they
had been taken the day before, but many from the 1940's had a very
pronounced magenta cast. All were processed by Kodak.

John King
A friend of mine, a well-known rail author, has been for years working with old slides and
converting them to tiff images. Ektachromes do the blue shift thing, but he has more-or-less
figured out a straightforward process to Photoshopping them back to a very credible image. So, when
you say the Ektachromes were of little value, don't be quite so fast on that conclusion. Ditto for
the magenta.


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