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Mike Del Vecchio wrote:
The E6 process films -- Ektachrome, Agfa, Ansco, et. al. -- of the 1950s and '60s used organic materials as part of the color dye formulae (formaldehyde), and so the images will ultimately fade, discolor and dissapear even in cool dark storage over time.
Thanks for the good discussion, Mike. Just wanted to comment on this part. I obtained copy slides from the DeGolyer of some of Steinheimer's color from the 1950s, all Ansco, which had gotten to a very deep magenta. It wasn't too hard to correct it in Photoshop, this was back around 1997. When I told Dick about it, he said it was impossible--he had tried every filter and filter combination in the darkroom and could not correct the magenta. I was not successful in explaining to him what Photoshop does and I'm not sure he believed me <g>. But that kind of problem (prior to fading, of course) CAN be corrected in the digital age.

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