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Interesting discussion on old Kodak films. Unfortunately, no one
had even dreamed of Photoshop back in 1978 (or the room sized
computer you would have needed to run it back than) when I had access
to Mr. Rice's Kodachrome originals. The only recourse was to try to
adjust with color printing filters. That made them presentable for
projection but it may have done more harm than good so far as
recovering the original colors now. I will dig the copies out, scan
and see what can be done. I had always attributed the greyish dark
brown color of the freight cars to the limitations of the film.
Based on previous discussions, that may be the way cars looked in the

The orignal question concerning the color of the IM FGE cars got lost
in the discussion over color matching in general. Bottom line to me
is that once you paint the hardware to 1940's practice and weather,
the color looks close enough.

John King

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Aley, Jeff A wrote:
For hints on correcting those magenta slides, see . Basically, his point is not
the slide is too red; it's that there's too little blue and
green, so
you get better results by boosting those two than you do by
the red (which is what anyone would instinctively do).
Yes, quite true, and I think anyone who fiddles with various
corrections finds this out pretty quickly. The non-artist's first
instinct in this area is often wrong.

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