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Allen Ferguson of Black Cat and I are good pals and live within about a mile of each other so please indulge me a moment to comment on this topic.

In Canada we have always had very large, multi-branch national banks. All these banks (and our much smaller regional credit unions) offer U.S. dollar accounts to customers. Thus many Canadians (including both Allen and myself) have same.

Our banks and credit unions will take any U.S.-origin "check" (see my 'correct' spelling) and, without question, allow you to deposit it in your U.S. account.

The only "risk" for the depositing recipient is that the item will later bounce. However, the recipient can take the risk out of same by simply waiting about ten days before shipping the goods.

So please, write all the cheques/checks you want to Allen Ferguson in U.S.dollars. That will make him and his Black Cat very happy.

. . . as for credit cards, that's not a practical payment capability for Allen to offer so (Rule 1) back to checks (or money orders if you insist on same).

Jon, your credit union may not do conversions but mine does. I just walked
in and asked for a check in pounds sterling (Scotland) and they did it. No
questions asked and no charge.

I ususally just write a check in US dollars for Canadian purchases and
haven't had anybody refuse it.

Credit cards only work if the business is large enough. I don't think Black
Cat (Al Ferguson) is.

And, by the way, is there any accurate use for the GATX decals on plastic
Red Caboose, Intermountain, or P2K tank cars?

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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