Re: injection molded windows for cabooses

Richard Townsend

I have used Grandt Line caboose windows.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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Tichy has offered high quality injection molded work car windows
suitable for cabooses for about 15 years. The rectangular ones are too
big for my intended use.

My recollection is that some company offered smaller, similar quality
rectangular windows. I thought it was Tichy/CMA but they aren't listed
on their web site. Was it another company?

I see Tichy/CMA has a new home in NC. Has the company changed hands? I
hope they come out with some new castings. If a tarheel bought the
company maybe he'll come up with a Pratt truss casting for a single
sheathed box car to fit Red Caboose X29type cars. A similar Ulrich
metal casting fit Train Miniature X29s. Signature SAL and B&M cars
could be modeled with these combinations (the SAL car has a has a fish
belly underframe).

Ed Mines

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