Re: GATX Lettering

Jeff English

Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...> wrote:

Any chance of getting these in any scales other than HO?
Obviously, I'm looking for S-scale, but I'm not the only one who
wants other-than-HO. Since these are pure black, wouldn't they
lend themsleves to decent resolution on an Alps printer?
Sorry, Jeff, but the decal set is white (for black cars), not black.
Yes, well, chalk it up to graphic dyslexia.

However, enlarging the artwork to 1:64 wouldn't be a big deal, and maybe
you could team up with some other S scalers to order enough sets so that
Allen would consider doing so.
That can be looked into, but does not answer my question
about whether handfuls of sets could be done on an Alps printer.

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