Adding weight to a stock car

Andy Cich <ajc5150@...>

I am building a resin stock car, my first. So far I have assembled both
ends, the floor, the roof, and one side. I have added trucks and couplers,
and the car sits level and tracks well without listing or wobbling. I plan
to add weight, paint the interior, and then add the second side. I have
some lead sheet to use for the weight, and need to add 2 oz.

Where the side lines up with the floor, there is an opening between slats.
If I place the weight on the floor, it will either be visible through that
opening or block it. Attaching the weight to the roof looks to be the ideal
spot. However, this will make the car top heavy. Will I experience any
operational difficulties with a top heavy car?

The underframe is very visible on this car so adding weight down there is
not an option. I would appreciate any thoughts/experiences/observations on
attaching the weight to the roof (inside the car, or course).


Andy Cich

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