Sunset Pacific Oil Company Tank Cars

Dan Gledhill

Looking for any sources of photos or info,on the Sunset Pacific Oil Company ,which was I believe located in the L.A. area prior to WW 2.
Especially of interest would be a photo of their tank cars showing the logo and color of which may have been silver and black.The cars would have been leased to this Oil Company by CDLX from what info.I have found ,but possibly others were also involved.
I realize that there was a chain of gas stations on the west Coast of the U.S. by this name ,but can not find any info. that pertains to transportation of the products moved out of L.A. from the refinery to distributors.
My goal is to build and paint an accurate model of one of these early steam era cars and as well learn more about these interesting but little known privately owned early tank cars with their often strikingly painted logos.
Thanks in advance.
Dan Gledhill

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